Formula One 2024 - The end draweth nearer!

Setting aside a pleasing win, another entertaining weekend at Miami - seems a challenging but ‘racey’ circuit, rather than the cookie-cutter crap of the various Middle-Eastern circuits.


As usual, I was Rong:

Mixed feelings…

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Smug emoji!

Yep. Feelin’ it on both counts.

Sam posited that he may want to do what Rossi did when he switched from Honda to Yamaha: ‘prove’ it was him not the gear under him, and thus for Newey to slide in somewhere like McLaren or Aston Martin (or indeed, what will be Audi…).

Cut to the chase, does he mention a team?

No, but he does bore-on interminably about £multi-million sailboats…

He will be able to afford one once he signs with Ferrari :grinning:

He’s already built one.

God I can’t stand Eddie Jordan…


Sadly, god hasn’t been listening… :frowning:


Does Adrian Newey’s yacht have an aero package?

It’s called an ‘Oyster’ - ironically, a thoroughly un-hydrodynamic mollusc most noted for securing itself rigidly to one spot, underwater - which may have played a part in the company’s bankruptcy and buyout 6 years ago. It is actually a proper sailing yacht, rather than the usual gin palace beloved of F1 moguls. POA, of course.

I would have expected AN to have some unholy amalgam of hydrofoils and wing in ground effect technology.

Lovely yachts. I remember well a navy cheif, blue water sailor, who was skipper of a yacht i was crew on striking up a conversation with the skipper of an Oyster in Torquay Marina.

The Oyster was an 80ft yacht kitted out to allow for one man operation and my skipper asked if he had been across the pond.

He replied that he motored over weekly to attend Church… from Brixham :grinning:

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Beats me, I’d have loved to have done something like that when I was young and (relatively) energetic: decent-sized blue water yacht and travel the world… So much kit like that never gets used.

Expensive beyond belief
I did a fair bit of sailing on other peoples boats. Cross channel weekend races and the like.
Got my qualies and earned a subsistence living for 5 years in the Med .
Sounds romantic until you are offshore at night in a gale when it can be bloody terrifying doing a sail change.
Wouldn’t have missed it for the world though
Most of the people I know who have done blue water sailing have done it for very little on other peoples boats or have been delivery crew which is all of the work and little of the glamour.

Life might well be different in @TMC 's new world but I never got to that level of opulence :smiley:


Boats are a bit like swimming pools for most of us - better to have a friend who’s got one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


New rules are always the best part of designing a car though and even if the new ones for 2026 look a bit shite at the moment they aren’t fixed so probably an attraction.
Adrian’s guys did a good job for the latest rules and even though they started the 2009 season without the most important aero feature (which was NOT the double diffuser IME which blind sided a lot of teams) they caught up reasonably quick.