Formula One 2024 - The end draweth nearer!

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McLaren should be advertising for a new race tactician on Monday
Every time they have an option they pick the wrong one.

Congrats to Lewis, 9th win at a circuit is quite astonishing


To be fair to them, the changeable conditions made life way harder than usual - going to softs can work best in drying conditions, provided the track doesn’t dry hard’n’fast - of course you already know what happened…! McL chose to cover-off Lewis’s tyre choice (which itself was curious given how well he drives that car on hards) - but had they gone with mediums Lando still would only have made P2. Much though I despise Christian Horner, his team are so good tactically they make the best-of-the-rest look like amateurs - who knew hards would be optimum? Well - RB did - I suspect their tyre modelling is a generation ahead of everyone else’s judging by how good they are at it.

Then again, case for the prosecution: look at the bucket of :poop: they handed Chico…

Love a damp Silverstone: fun race, heartwarming result. Lando actually needs to improve his Coping game - he’s too hard on himself, and it’ll harm him psychologically longer-term.

Their other big error was not getting Piastri to back up the pack and double stack the tyre change.
I appreciate this is probably illegal and all radio is monitored but they could have a code for it and if done subtly the couple of seconds space gained could be blamed on track conditions,

Great race though!


Not double-stacking was a huge bollock drop - frankly inexplicable. Oscar was bloody good on (tired) slicks on a damp track, but that window was firmly closed when they let him sail past pit entry. By the time they were lining him up to pit I don’t think there were many competitive cars not already pitted and so >20s behind, so no-one much to back-up…

Today made me miss Ben Edwards on commentary more than ever: one of Alex Jacques routine derps was suggesting double-stacking in those circumstances was bordering on unprecedented - I forget the exact words he used - but you sometimes have to wonder if he’d ever watched F1 before he got the job… At least Murray’s ‘Colemanballs’ were funny and self-aware.

Since the last RB upgrades they have worked much better on hards than any other car. No other car could have made up that much time.
I believe the best choice for Lando would have been the “new” Mediums. Lando admitted his poor choice in the post race interview.
Double stacking was a no brainer. Even when you consider the losses of 6-7 secs over a normal stop. Piastri was only 1.2 behind Lando, but lost 10+ seconds on the extra lap, dropping him 18 secs behind.

Great win by Lewis, shame for Lando (and Piastri), tragedy for George, enough for Max.

All in all a fucking challengingly brilliant race.


Silverstone is a great track, fast, technical, with overtaking opportunities.
More of this please, especially when they are negotiating new venues around the world


Oscar made up at least 10 secs on Lando on Medium vs Soft on that last stint (and man, they properly screwed Oscar this weekend (Q3 and the race.)

Never really understood why it’s such a bright idea to ask drivers some of the tyre-compund questions they get: the team is sat on a mountain of data while Lando, who doesn’t always seem the sharpest knife, is surely bettter equiped at focussing on chucking it into Copse


Needs moar stroppy Frenchmen having meltdowns on team radio and crying into their handbags afterwards :ok_hand:

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As does my porn.

Ah, sir’s a ‘Hobbyiste’ I see, bravo! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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