Forum Funding


Aaaah, yes



I’m sure I can lace it with a few good uns


Yep the loafers on here could clog up the whole interweb with them


I was just gonna slipper one of those in!


@coco will be along shortly to given punners the boot.


Living dangerously…


That’ll be no mean feet


Monthly donation just sorted.


Hope so, otherwise it’ll last forever.


That one was done earlier I’m afraid. Not reading the thread is socking behavour.


I’ve set up a small monthly payment, hope it helps a little bit.





Fuck me, that one took four days to arrive. Not much gets past you in the end though :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Small monthly payment set up - hope it helps.


Just upgraded my monthly Twat Tax a bit.


Job done, will set up a monthly in the future, if I’m not banned ! Then again being banned from here would be quite an achievement.


Bit confuzzled, since PP tells me card expired. But isn’t, and still seems to be working.

Watching for start of March email, but please say if payment doesn’t come through.

If you need to up the monthly, just call us all cunts.


Just set up a small recurring monthly payment. Hope it helps.


Just (belatedly) set up a monthly payment, and have made a one-off as well, to make myself feel betterer about lurking / freeloading on here for a while…

Hope the readies are coming in fast enough now to see us through to the next deletion?


As we’ve had a fair few new people join I just wanted to give a gentle prod towards the Paypal link in the OP. Just a few quid per month from everyone really helps with covering the forum costs.