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Hi J,

I’ve just sent you next to nothing. I’d like to send you next to nothing automatically once a month and it seems that some people are offered that option via the Paypal link. But I’m not. Google says I can’t force a recurrent payment through Paypal - it has to come from your end. But it’s not doing. Would it be worth you contacting them and putting them in touch with me to see if we can sort out why they won’t let me do this ?



Hmm, it should give you an option to make it recurring at some point during the process. Struggling to test as it understandably won’t let you send money to yourself.

Ah, @browellm mentioned something about this: Forum Funding



Nope. If I tunnel down to the bottom of the recurrent payments settings the only options I have are a) to cancel any that are already set up (there used to be one to the Wam and I can still see that, but they cancelled it a while ago) or b) to change the source for my payments. The only possible sources are i) my Paypal balance, which I’d prefer to use, or ii) the underpinning credit card, which is my business one. So I’ve run through the payment process a few times (you should find several lots of next to nothing in your account now) changing the payment source, making sure that’s set to the preferred option (even though I don’t prefer it) and cycling through the system to see whether the changes only come into effect after I’ve logged out and back in again.

Nothing works. I never, but never, get an option to set up a recurring payment. Basically I am pushing buttons in the dark. Someone at Paypal knows what the problem is. Maybe I’ll try messaging them.



That is quite weird, especially as you’ve clearly had the option previously. I’ll double check to see if there’s anything I can do my end.

And thank you for the donations :+1:


Paypal are always changing the interface and messing about with stuff. Nobbers.


Is your Paypal account linked to a bank account? If not, then that might be the reason


No, this one’s not. It’s underpinned only by the credit card.

I’ve messaged Paypal. Let’s see what they say.





That could be it. I have a bank account linked.


Will send some over on payday!


I Just tried using my bank account and debit card and couldn’t find a reoccurring payment -


The first reply from Paypal is an unhelpful automatic letter which says, pretty much,

“You can’t make this payment because of reasons. You could try changing some stuff and who knows, that might help (I have tried and it didn’t). You could ask someone else (your card provider) if they’re causing the problem. If this letter hasn’t helped then get back to us.”

I’ve got back to them and asked them to look into their system and to tell me exactly where the process is failing. Well, surely it’s worth a try, you never know …



I’ve been here a while and haven’t done a payment yet, I’ll see what options I get.


They replied pretty quickly. Good.

The reply was the same automatic letter again. Hmmm.



You might have more luck messaging their Twitter account, but basically you’re conversing with a crap version of Skynet.


Graeme, have you tried this link…

The option shows for me. There is a tick box under the amount. You might have more luck here :thinking:


I used the link above and it only let me do a one off payment, I could see no other options, I’m assuming the link above was set up to take you to a recurring payment page/option, if it was it’s not working.


That worked form me I was able to tick a re occurring box - Cheers Terry


That offered me a tick box for a recurring payment. I ticked it. I also entered the amount. Then it asked me to log in. When I logged in I saw a screen saying “Your donation has already been completed”. Brilliant, I thought, it’s worked. So I went to check my list of pre-approved payments. There weren’t any :slightly_frowning_face:.

By the way, Paypal replied to my “Please don’t send me the automatic letter again” message. When I opened their reply it was the automatic letter again. Shit. For. Brains.