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Just sent a few quid


Bunged a tenner in :+1:


Withdrew £20. Thanks :+1:


Just sent a few quid but can’t seem to send a recurring payment. Paypal doesn’t seem to like the name The Computer Tailor - it wants an email address or tel number. Any help please?



I’ve sent a few shillings for the meter.


Just a gentle prod for those inclined towards those who are willing to contribute towards the running costs of the forum. We’ve seen a slow increase in expenditure over the last year as more data is being stored, which means things are starting to run a little tight. I’d really, really like to avoid having to add in additional funding options as I think they would all compromise what makes the forum the place is it.


Apologies, hadn’t done that for a bit.


Just to add, what I really want to avoid is having either dealer subs / classified, or running advertising, as both would see a significant curtailing of what we would be able to allow on here. Personally I really like having things as unrestricted as possible, and I think most people here do too.




Oops, done.

Although as far as alternative funding goes, maybe instead of adverts there could be some kind of sponsored apocalypse. When the fund hits a grand the whole place gets nuked back to tabula rasa :fire:


Money sent.



How sustainable are the current regular subs - ie how short does that leave you without having to rattle the tin?

Any way of using the software to limit the extent and growth of data storage requirements if that’s what’s largely driving the costs of hosting?




I’ll send some over on payday, rattling the can myself after Christmas.


We’ve had a bit of a jump recently as there was a promo period on some of the AWS storage we were using that’s expired, which has absorbed the small buffer that we had. I’ve been tweaking some things to try and reduce the costs on that, but it’s not going to make for a massive decrease.


Run an update?


There are worse places to be (Silentium starts at 10:30)



Thinking about a fund raising / sales area where people can donate things for sale with funds (Outside of shipping) going directly to the forum to ensure this place remains autonomous.

  • I would donate kit / records for sale to raise money
  • I would offer non sexual services to raise money
  • I would offer nothing
  • I would like to buy appalling AA T-shirts

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Just set up a £1 a month regular payment through PayPal. Job done.