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Tomb thumb?

Might fit my mate Tom.


We have a special range of pedant willy warmers - they are very relaxing.


Meat men, not gnashing their teeth, just chewing the fat.


AA promo campaign 1



In the words of our famous Chealski Dave…

“I’m a Celebrity…get me out of Ikea”.



He He. Professional jealousy Twinkle ?


Dave has been wall to wall on C4 tonight.


Has he ever been on Dave ?



That’s really good. You should give up the stage and take up writing. :nerd_face:


Jealous? moi? Never. I say, never!.

No, as David will attest, when we first met at Sodders’ bake we knew instantly that we were both kindred spirits…fellow purveyors of the craft.

Indeed, having been subjected to that fine advert daily, for what seems like an eternity, I am delighted with Davids Shakespearean pathos when he lifts those objects for eyes.

A sheer joy to behold on an hourly basis regardless of which channel you unwittingly find yourself.


Give up the stage? GIVE UP THE STAGE? That is akin to mentioning the play that cannot be named.

You of all people should know that The Stage cannot be taught. It has no formula. It is a calling and all one can do is answer.

Luckily your call was from Ikea. Mine was from Mrs Midgley whose toilet appears to be fucked.

Ce la vie.




Predictable. :slight_smile:


Mais oui (except Mrs Midgely unless you’ve sorted the loo).




She looks a bit like Julia Stiles.


Has this nice young lady done a Wordle (snigger) on the entirety of AA’s posting history?


She has nice thighs.