Fox deterrent? A plant maybe?

A fox has taken to marking his/her territory on my brand new, very expensive front doorstep every night.

Never did it on the knackered old doorstep, did you, you twat.

Anyhow, I would like to canvass opinion on how to deter an urban fox. I’d rather not use some kind of plug-in gizmo. Is there something like a particular plant that they don’t like?

Thanks in advance.

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Honey badger…

The answer to most things


step up the security patrols. Perhaps take it to the community wildlife committee.

Or divert your traffic activists on the residents’ WhatsApp to fox patrols.

Find out where the fox lives and reply in kind.


Fox deterrent you say?

Mates rates available upon request.


You need the mark it as yours. This is what they understand, no?

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Big dump of lion poo?

get a wolf

So in the interests of keeping shit off the doorstep, put a massive lump of shit on the doorstep? :thinking:

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Can you see the problem there?

Maybe put food on it. They probably won’t mark where they eat.

One of those concrete planters full each side, step stays clean. Should also deter cats, birds and maybe the batshit neighjbours. :crazy_face: :lion:

Perhaps this is the fox’s MO, protection racket stylee ?

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Perhaps you could leave him the menu for Oblix and he’d take his sophisticated & casual pleasures elsewhere. A steak for £178 is bound to be tempting. Some of it may be left by the bins.

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