Free Depeche Mode CD

Just a heads up for any DM fans that Mojo has a free 15 track CD in the April issue. These are already appearing in eBay so might take a bit of searching. I managed to find the last copy in my local Waitrose this morning.


Thanks for the heads up, will try a few local newsagents who have a reasonable stock of magazines.

Such a thing does not exist near me :grin:

indeed a rare thing. The one I hope to find it in has a better stock than most WH Smiths, especially the railway station ones.

Cheers Nick.

If anyone is struggling then the newsagents on Westow Street - Crystal Palace triangle - had quite a big pile of them :slightly_smiling_face:

Sadly that’s a 500 mile round trip :disappointed:

Shoot me your address - I’ll stick mine in the post to you.

dBPoweramp had to re-rip one frame on the last track, but I think it’s OK. Being a magazine freebie I doubt they’re manufactured to the highest standard.

And don’t pay this asscrack £19.99 :laughing:

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Have to go and do shopping soon,so will have a look in there first

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They are doing Radio 2s piano room on 6th April.


I got one at Asda last night, there were still a few copies left.

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Thanks to @Gyroscope for the dm cd :+1:

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