Free: Grant AMS200 monoblocks

Anyone fancy some heavy Grant monoblocks (without valves) for refurbishment or parts? These use six KT88 valves & three EC82’s per amp which have been removed as I’ve hardly used them and may try to sell them at a later date. When fully loaded I believe they are rated at 200W per channel. I haven’t powered them up for a few years as I spent a lot of money having them serviced and stupidly allowed the guy to talk me in to changing them from triode to pentode which killed the sound for me. He converted them back, but they never sounded the same so left them in the spare room.

There must be plenty of parts here for a decent DIY’er. I’m in Crowborough, East Sussex & weigh about 35kg each.


Nice offer for someone :+1:

Yes please, where are you? I’m in St Leonards.

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Okay, they’re yours Charliechan. When would you like to collect them?

Pretty much when it suits you.

That explains it, you are by the seaside.
Need a couple of new anchors for your boat?


Fair play @Sir_Franc. That is bloody generous.


Certainly is :+1:

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Hi do you have any info on Grant 200 AMS monoblocks, Please let me know.

Many thanks Mark - Paders

What sort of information are you after?

I’ve seem some for sale, and was not sure if they were the same as a pair in a prev message of yours - 2018.
Do you have an opion on whether their a quality amp or not ? They are supposed to be all up and working. They look a bit tatty from the photos, with wood/ chipboard side panels attached.
Can’t find any info on the internet, so any info you can provide would be appreciated.
I collect vintage amps.
Many thanks.

I can’t find where they are advertised so unsure if they were originally my pair. I don’t think there were many made as I’ve never seen any others for sale.They were a quality amp, but I had a guy on the south coast talk me in to modifying them when I wanted the tubes replacing. After the mods the sparkle and dynamics seem to be missing. I don’t know if it was the replacement valves, or the actual modifications the guy did, but I fell out of love with them. Another reason for moving them on was being scared every time I turned them on when they shook as the power came on! If you’re not concerned with how much energy they use (they run very hot) then see if you can have a listen.