French Property


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Are you thinking French Weekender? :grinning:

Thinking, “What am I doing here?”


Someone could certainly arrange a weekend viewing & then hold an impromptu bake-off there!

Looks lovely.

Grab an EU foothold before it becomes ‘difficult’.

Very nice ! The price is rather attractive also…

But you live in “the best town to live in in England” so wtf?

just spotted this on that site, lottery ticket being purchased tonight

I’ve been watching a bit of the programme with Dick Strawbridge trying to do up a similarly ambitious chateau with his challenging new wife in tow. Life may be too short.


Wasn’t he a character in Trumpton ?


I worked for him in the Signals, he was a Lt Col and a bit of a mad genius.


Yes, played Mr Craddock the Parkie if I recall.

Grown his 'tache a bit since then.


Yes she is a bit of a hipster type, poor ole dick.

Ha, I ran into Dick Strawbridge a couple of times when I worked for the MoD, I was doing some finance courses at Worthy Down, and he must have been doing something similar. My civil service rank was equivalent to captain at the time, so I got to use the orificers mess. He was a Major then, Iirc, and getting fairly well known from Scrapheap Challenge. He was really good fun to spend time with, if a bit of a lunatic. If you ever get into a drinking contest with him, you’ll probably lose…

And if I was close to retirement that place in the OP would be a no brainer, I’d sell up and be over there like a shot.

I hope they do more programmes, he is entertaining.