FS: 2 Nag cartridges

I really like these, but I just can’t get completely rid of the sibilance.

My phono is built into my TT, isn’t adjustable and, reading up on them, the Nags like to see a 100 - 200 pF load. Apparently, my inbuilt phono can’t get close to that.

Not happy :frowning:

One looks like this

Approx 100 hours on it, fully boxed etc

£200 delivered

and the other exactly like this

NOS stylus

£60 delivered

Thanks for looking.


That MP-200 is a proper bargain

OK, £250 then :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d be all over it Mike, but I already bought a spare Hana SL from you, and I also have a spare spare MP-500 :rofl:

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That’s a pisser Mike :slightly_frowning_face:

Is it not worth getting a cheap MM phono stage ?

I thought about that Al, but it would need to be pretty cheap and I’m not sure what would fit the bill.

Any suggestions for a c.£200 half decent phono anybody ?

Something like a Pro-Ject phono box or an Edwards Audio Apprentice maybe ? I used a Pro-Ject phono box for years - no frills but done the job.

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I use the Apprentice. It’s very good but look at the specs as there is no adjustment.

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I’ve got a Phono box ii SE going spare Mike. MM/MC and variable loading with tiny little plugs. £100 posted, any use?


ITT bloke tries to sell something.

Gets sold something.


Hoover that up Mike.

Please mate. Legend !

PM me payment details.


Will do.

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I’d have been inclined to try fitting some polystyrene caps across the output of the cartridge or the input sockets of your phono stage.

Beyond me though Guy

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