FS: 3 x Mobile phones

Selling my daughter’s collection of phones for her
All on O2 - they maybe unlocked but I have no other SIMs to test them out so assume not.
All appear to be in very good condition. Nice clear shiny screens on all of them.

First up a white Samsung S3, phone only - £30 delivered

Next a Purple HTC rhyme.
Boxed with a charger stand, charger, white leather case plus 2 screen protectors - £35 delivered

And finally a Grey Samsung S5 Neo. Boxed with unused earphones and a nice clear Tucano case. (No charger) - SOLD

She should be proud of the condition of those. Very responsible of her.

It Ian simply a case of exceptional parenting :wink:


Tell Ian he’s done a good job.


Edit :The Samsung S5 is now sold :smile:

No way sold? What you on about man?!

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In which case, I wouldn’t like to buy it then, please.

Get in line, I’m not buying it first.

I need feckin typing lessons :rofl:

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