FS - A pair of Marantz MA5 Mono blocks

Quite a rare item in the UK.

These have been a bit of a pain for me as 1 transformer was broken on purchase,and the 2nd went as soon as the other one was sorted.

Both transformers were sourced and fitted by Henry,top radio man? at the cost of around £450 the pair.

They now only work in class A which is all i wanted them for originally.

There is a tiny amount of hum through my speakers,though being efficient,i guess this makes it louder than normal speakers.

Output is about 25wpc in class A

Soundwise,these are superb.

Condition is about as good as i think you’ll find.


Pick up from Devon,or can post for £15.00


Ooh these do look nice. I wish I had a spare grand. And a system where these would make sense. Good luck :+1:

Want :heart_eyes:

I’ll pm you when I get home later



Henry is Toprepairman - good bloke

I like to now if you still have this Marantz MA-5.
You see I only have one, the other fell of the stairs and was smashed.
I’m looking for oneb but if you like to sell them both, than I want to know
what your price is?

According to the original post they’ve been sold

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Sorry these both sold a while ago