FS: Aesthetix Rhea MM/MC phonostage (3 inputs)

I have an Aesthetix Rhea Signature on home demo. If I decide to go for it my Rhea will be up for sale. Its a stunning phonostage and can handle three TTs so ideal for some of you here. You can even select the inputs and gain/load settings from the comfort of your armchair using the remote.

I would be looking for £2200 collected ideally but I have the original box. Anyone interested please PM me. I really cannot imagine you would find anything better at the price. It’s a truly great piece of hifi.

When pics below. Mine is the same silver fronted version.

A great Phono Stage indeed, super. I’m sorry but what im looking for is substantially more cheaper.

Thanks anyway :grinning:


I’d be very interested in a bake with my Diablo if its not sold by your BBQ, might have to flog the pooch/sell my soul to buy it …

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A couple of pics


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The dogs happy …

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