FS: Audio Note 1.1 NOS DAC (upgraded)

I am selling an Audio Note 1.1 NOS DAC.
This is an early prototype unit and now features upgraded caps (Jupiter Beeswax, Oscons) and AN Tantalum resistors. It’s in good condition and offers great performance for the money. This unit is SPDIF only.

Selling for £380 inc UK postage.

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As requested some pics of the actual DAC.

20170912_161911 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr

20170912_161300 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr

20170912_161337 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr

20170912_161345 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr

20170912_162002 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr

I’d list this on the Wam, but I refuse to pay Petfood Pete £20 for the privilege.

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Was the fee removed in a May-quality volte-face, or was that a bad dream I had?

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You will just have to leave the photos of startled fellow employees for here and PFM.

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@PapaLazarou is the boss, so any employees being startled on company time will have it docked from their wages.

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Withdrawn from sale.