FS: Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt thumb DAC

Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt thumb DAC.

Comes with the Dragontail USB A female → USB C male adaptor, but absolutely nothing else. No box, no instructions.

Suffers from the dreaded Cobalt “case rattle” i.e. if you shake it vigorously it rattles a bit. I can’t see this constituting a problem but best to get it out up front.

edit: Similarly I’m happy to send without payment for demo / approval to people that I actually know.

£100 posted.


Just to add to this- all early ones do this. Audioquest’s ‘solution’ was to basically fill the case with glue which stopped the rattle at the minor cost of ensuring that the unit is completely u/s if anything goes wrong with it.

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Any love at £75?

It looks like retail is now £299 and street price is around £200-£220.

Cuttin’ me own froat etc.

I am digital dumb - Can I run this from My iMac to my amp? Currently go from the headphone jack of the iMac to the amp.

That’s exactly what it does

Welcome to dumb deluge … For connectors I see a USB and a headphone jack on the device. Will my iMac recognize the USB and set up or is there fiddly puter stuff involved?

I’m up for it if set up in straightforward.

Mac OS X & iOS Related
Can I use DragonFly with Mac OS X?
Yes. DragonFly Black, Red, and Cobalt are compatible with OS X (starting with OS 10.6.8 to present). There are no known compatibility issues with OS X.

Looks ok…

Many thanks Adam, I’ll give it a go.

I’ve got one and it is definitely plug and play

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Plug the two things pictured above together, then …


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@Ruprecht has finally seen the light and gone digital (just bin all that weird vinyl stuff mate) so this is definitely sold.

Mods please …

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