FS: Aurorasound Vida; plus upgrade power umbilical

Offered on here first so please register your interest, otherwise it will go on other forum later tonight/ tomorrow morning.

Unit is fully boxed and comes with long original umbilical which helps with flexible siting of the power supply.

Yours for £1900

Also available is an upgraded umbilical lead, full of magical foo which I’m afraid does work and is audible! Supplied by Guy of this parish.

Can’t recall what the RRP is but it’s a few months old and you will kick yourself if you don’t buy this with the Vida.

Yours for £160


Not sure if it’s the cable or just better connectors / configuration but for what it’s worth I think it’s better too.

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RRP of that cable is £280. No magic metals, just better construction & screening afaik.

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Photos added.

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For those considering buying both the Vida and the upgrade power cable I will knock £75 off the combined price, effectively making the Vida £1825 plus the cable at £160 :+1:




Nice. You must have paid for your new toy with this epic clear out. The hoarders on here will be having nightmares about this, apart from the purchaser of course. And the seller obviously…:smirk:

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Few more bits to sell yet!

You’ll get the rest of us in trouble with the de-cluttering. Was that you with the DVXX2?

Feckin’ amazing that the Strayan thread destruction hamster hasn’t locked this yet. He is getting slack in his declining years


Nup, not me. Eye on summat else

Some of us still work for a living :unamused: