FS:Bastanis Wildhorn and Transcendent Pinnacle 300b set monoblocks

After much thought I’ve decided it’s time to sell my speakers and amp, they take up a lot of room and don’t really get used enough to warrant them sitting around.

I built the speakers from one of the last Wildhorn kits Robert sold before starting Club-27, this means they have the better 12" driver, crossover components and the €600 upgrade that is the Gemini dipole tweeters. The cabinets are solid and look ok, it was my first attempt at building speakers so there’s a few cosmetic flaws (i always meant to sort them but they sound so good i didn’t want to mess with them).

They have been heard by many people at my bakeoffs and were well received at Scalford (mini review of them on TNT audio website for the 2015 or '16 show I think). The kit isn’t for sale anymore so the only option if you want some is €10k from Robert.

The amplifiers are the original Transcendent Pinnacle 300b set monoblocks with separate power supply, mustering a magnificent 1.5 to 2W each they’ll drive the Bastanis to a volume too loud for me to be in the room with (27’ by 14’ with 9’ ceilings) whilst sounding uncluttered, they just sound bigger as the volume goes up but can be played at low volume and you’ll still get the full performance (they don’t need volume to come alive). They are without a doubt the best match I’ve had with the speakers and I’d prefer to sell them together (no preamp as I’ve been using the volume control in the streamer).

I’ve been off work for 16 weeks with prolapsed discs so I’m sure we can work out a way to demo them. I’m looking for £1300 for the speakers and £800 for the amps and I think you’d have to spend £15k (assuming they’re to your taste) to even think about getting close to what this combo can do.

I’ll accept offers around £1800 for them as a pair (including decent speaker cable), collection only from Sheffield.


Heard this combo the other week, very enjoyable :+1:

Amps sold

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