FS: Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30

So the first bit of Quality Hi-Fi to be sold off from my personal stash of stuff sitting in the corner doing not much at all is the above Network Audio Player.
Was sat in my system playing music up until 2 weeks ago when I bought a CA CXN V2.
This is in pretty good cosmetic nick - I’ll try and post some pictures when I can be bothered, no obvious scratches etc. It’s black.I don;t have the box any longer or the manuals, it’;s just the thing and a power lead if I can dredge one up after the chaos of our house move (i’ll find one don;t worry).

No remote (I bought it open box from Richer Sounds Milton Keynes without one) but I’ve always used the app to control it so no biggie for me.
Will play mp3, flac, etc. and can do the Spotify connect thing. No idea about anything else. Sounds good through my DAX Decade and I remember trying it naked and not being offended by its sound.

Collection from near Bedford preferred but willing to meet / post for costs (pm me I’m flexible).
The closest thing from CA to this is now the CXN which it £800 new and there are a couple on ebay for £400+ from japan, however I want a new watch and I’m an impatient man child so lets call it £250ono and see where that takes us. Prefer dirty cash, or bank transfer but will try to resurrect my paypal account or make a new one if I absolutely have to. PM me any questions, suggestions, etc.