FS: CD Racks and CD Collection




Are there any further holes for fixing into the wall - the two in the top cross member are no doubt for securing it back so it doesn’t topple over, but are there any further down so it could be completely wall mounted?

Are the shelves fixed or simply resting on pegs or brackets on the uprights?

Would you take 50 squids including the CDs? :wink:


How much for the CDs that I haven’t got?




That’s good - it’d be easy to drill a few more holes and the welding would give it sufficient strength to wall mount…

But you didn’t answer my last question? It was semi-serious - how many Cds are there anyway?


Best thing for the CDs would be to take closer spine pictures, upload to Imgur or wherever and link them back into the thread.




As it would take upwards of 15 minutes, I can certainly see why.


Yea i can see that being a real ball ache when youre expecting people to part with cash.


How many in the Country Folk list?


Just delete the thread.


Seems to be an extraneous ‘o’ and ‘r’ in the first word there.


How much did you lose on the World Cup to warrant this flogging off of kit then?


I think we’ll just leave it right here. :wink:


Pin thread you say?


Wigwam-esque moment.


Is this like the sut that isn’t for sale?

How much were you not selling the CDs for?


Funny you should mention that as the Classifieds are back running on there…



goes to look<


Could I have the Hootie and the Blowfish cd pls?