FS: Frugelhorn 3 speakers with Alpair 7.3 Gold drivers

For sale my Frugelhorn 3, single full-range driver, rear loaded horn speakers with the latest Alpair 7.3 Gold drivers.

These speakers are absolutely amazing with vocals, girl with guitar, folk, alt country, instrumental plink plink type music, with drums and guitar, in particular, sounding uncannily accurate.

They are extremely fast and detailed and the bass, in my small room, placed up to the wall, well defined and textured. No one note monotone bass here !

Only selling because my music is 90% heavy psych, space rock and alt / indie and that is not what these are designed for. They still make a decent fist of it but not as good as my Heco’s. They do knock the Heco’s into a cocked hat for the vocal / girl with guitar type stuff though !

These are very well made, using Birch ply, which has then been lightly oiled and they are in excellent condition.

Looking for the princely sum of £200, which is something of a bargain for the SQ you get and compared to what they go for.

Go on, you know you want to :slight_smile:

Great speakers and spot on with the description. These are a bargain …

Funnily enough, last year at Scalford they made a better fist of my test track, Audioslave - Gasoline, than many other speakers there. I thought they did rock pretty well.

They’re not at all bad at Rock, pretty good in fact, just not as good as the Heco’s, in my uber small room.

Great for Electro, because of their ultra-fast transients and dynamics.

These would have been perfect in my previous house. However, in the cottage they are too big. No, really :frowning2:

No they’re not Terry, they’re perfect, only something like 6 - 7" wide :slight_smile:

That’s what the “no, really” was about. I had to get rid of my Ruarks, not only because they drove the room too hard but their visual “presence” was oppressive in the small living room and they’re not massive floor standers. They became near-field monitors due to lack of space.
The room is L-shaped and I had to resort to wall mounting my AEs.

Bargain -Unfortunately I am not really in the market at the moment

Fair bit of interest but still here.

A very good (and cheap) way to get a bit of hornyness in your life :slight_smile:

You didn’t tell me the dimensions.

On here?


Thanks Adam.

I am going on holiday today until the 29th, if they are still available then I will have them. I wonder if anyone in your neck of the woods could take them down to the Devon bake-off and I could collect them from there.