FS: Garmin Edge 130 Cycle Computer

I’ve just upgraded to a 520 Plus so rather than have the 130 languish in a drawer it’s up for sale for £45 including postage.

I’ve used it a lot since I bought two years ago so battery life isn’t optimal but I still get a good 5-6 hours (fully charged) on it running a HRM monitor and connected to my phone.

Have all the leads and stem mount.


Does this link to Strava through Bluetooth or would i need a pc ?

You can link the 130 via bluetooth to your phone then use the Garmin Connect App to link to Strava - sounds a bit convoluted but it works well.

The Garmin LiveTrack is a brilliant safety feature as well - when you start a ride it sends an email link via the app to your chosen NoK choice who can then track your rise in real time. Strava do a similar thing (Beacon) but it never works for me (maybe a phone thing) whereas LiveTrack works very time.

Thanks , I’ll pass though. Mentioned it to Mrs P and she has to begrudgingly told me I’ve got a Garmin watch coming to me as an anniversary present next month.
Good luck with the sale.

No worries Adrian thanks for looking :+1: