FS: Heco Direkt 800 BT

As new condition. Only used once.

£300 or p/x, cash your way, for Crossley TT.

Pete, @coco has first refusal. :grin: :joy: :rofl:


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That was quick :smirk:

Out of interest, what is the record?*

(As-in “Guinness Book Of…”)

Sorry Paul, but not particularly keen on sending it to Norway :grin:

Ian Dury - What a waste ?

No good up here anyway, bluetooth hasn’t made it north of John o’ Groats…


Take That - It Only Takes A Minute

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Gareth ? Is that you?

I spelled it out.

And yet you went for it anyway.

You are why we can’t have nice things.

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I have nice things, don’t understand what your issue is, tbh, but if I can help in any way …

Everything Changes, Mike.

Especially your kit.

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My kit is staying, for the minute anyway.

Regardless, that won’t deflect from Take That suggestions

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This thread has gone a bit weird.

Are they still for sale?

Who fucking knows?

Without pics they don’t exist (whatever they are).

I don’t think they ever were :roll_eyes:

Correct. It was a spillover joke from another thread :frowning:

OK, I’ve just replaced my only MM cart with an MC, so this really is up for sale now (fuck off Pete :upside_down_face:) .

As new, less than 10 hours on it. Box, remote, decent MM phono stage, Bluetooth aptX (which is stupidly easy to set up and seems to be bombproof), yada yada yada.

Great bit of kit etc etc.