FS: Impulse H2


Nice pair of Impulse H2 in a darkish wood finish.

This particular pair went down very well at Scalford in 2015, I am told, and have had several previous owners on the wam (so you might recognise them).

The original bass drivers have been replaced by the ones used in the later Ta’us model. They have rubber surrounds (as opposed to the foam surrounds used in the original drivers) so should be good for quite a few years yet.

In very good shape for a 25+ year old pair of speakers. A few minor marks here and there, but nothing dramatic.

Looking and sounding great. It took a pair of Zu Definition 2 to unseat them (and it took me a while to decide which ones to keep). By comparison, the H2s have the advantage of not being pink…

Price is £800

Postage is out of the question, I’m afraid, so it will need to be either collection from Northumberland (in which case I will be very happy to demonstrate) or perhaps a meet up/meatwagon arrangement if we can sort it.


I drove a long way to collect these, and would be prepared to cover some more miles to deliver/meet up, so don’t assume that distance is a dealbreaker. You never know.

I could be tempted by a swap/px deal. A streaming audio device or a recent(ish) AV amp spring to mind.

Good price, very reasonable.


Indeed. Quite a bit less than I paid for them, in fact,

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Will somebody please buy these - Mrs horace is getting a bit weary of their pointless continued presence in the house. She has a point, and said point is sharp and pointy.


What are the dimensions please?

Did these used to be @Rick bandit pilots, look familiar!?

1160mm H x 270mm W x 480mm D

I’m not at home right now, so lifted those figures from the web. The spikes will probably add a few inches to the height - will check later.

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Yes, the very same pair.

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They sounded lovely :+1:

Thanks, I will have a measure up :+1:

I agree.

Buy, buy, buy

This ^ Fabulous speakers.

Still here.

Still still here.

I can’t believe they’re overpriced?