FS: Impulse Ta’us speakers

For sale are a well looked after and upgraded pair of Impulse Ta’us speakers in cherry. I’ve had them since Aug 2015 and many of you will have heard them at Scalford 2016.

They’ve had over £1800 spent on them, including -

  • Replaced both midrange drivers
  • External crossovers made, in matching cherry with smoked acrylic lids, full of foo :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Black Rhodium foo cabling throughout and tri wired to crossovers
  • Tweeters upgraded to Seas units
  • Crossover redesigned to present a flat 6 ohm load to amplifier

Overall they are a vast improvement over standard Ta’us with improved HF portrayal, deeper and tighter bass response, yet retaining the fabulous mids from the horn loaded MF driver.

Will regret letting these go, but I have enjoyed many hours of enjoyment from them and so will their new owners.



Forgot to add, these also have grills.

I’ll take some pics of the crossover boxes too.

Interested buyer could collect from Lopwell.

beautiful . some dimensions would be good perhaps

Aren’t you going to post a link to a cheaper pair?




ah not much could beat these !!! i love em , i did have the privelige of seeing a ta`us in coventry a few weeks ago

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Pics of external crossover box.


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