FS: IO2 rebuilt 2013 and hardly used since


A good and trusted friend of mine is selling an IO2
Rebuilt by AN in 2013 but hardly used since


There is a chap on AOS looking for a IO today.


PM sent


Cheers but I don’t have a log in there


I am happy to post a message on AOS if that helps.


Thanks - There has been two serious enquiries from AA -If they fall through I will let you know


I am told it is sold to an AA member - He will know who he is.
It is not my place to say who the lucky new owner is.


Nice one!
Now starts the search for an SUT :grinning:


Don’t bother asking @Ciderpig as he’s definitely not selling one.


Actually I do have an Audio note S2 for sale


Also an Audio note Japan S9 but I’m after £3k for that as they are very slight after.


£3500 if you want the box and info sheet that comes with it.


Ooh bargain! Are you up to a firm handshake and several hi-fives to seal the deal?


You could have a go at this Jack.
(1.30 - 2.10)


You just made it a round £4k


Plus shipping


Hand delivery surely?


Withdrawn from sale.


Think he just stuck a finger in the air to come up with that price.


I’d prefer to remain anonymous for fear of being hounded by SUT sellers