FS: IO2 rebuilt 2013 and hardly used since


Ben worry not, your secret is safe with me.


L or H?


L for an io


I’m interested, You send internal shots of each solder joint?


Where did b36lbx go? I got all excited I’d make a sale then for a minute. :sob:


IO2 arrived safe and sound today - quick and dirty set up this arvo and all sounds excellent, thanks too to the ever reliable Dr Feickert.

Thanks @Adpully for posting here; after a bad experience a couple of years ago I was dead set against buying used carts again but I’m delighted with this and all hail to the AA. Justin was a top guy too.

Advice questions might follow…


Want to buy a step up? Only £50




Goodo, I have known Justin over twenty three years nice bloke. He is very much into his hifi and very good at fixing stuff but not keen on forums.-


Anyone interested in a similar deal on some perfect condition Tannoy Westminster Royals please ping me.


I’m impressed, Andy.

Let’s see, you’re moving very soon and nobody knows where. You are looking to boost your pension fund.

The Io2 was the convincer, the Tannoys are the real con.




As long as you don’t include delivery in the deal :thinking:



In some respects imaginary friends are very hard to beat.


A bit like Teenage Kicks :+1:


I had mine (Io1) rebuilt last year after 8 years service and am very happy with it.


How much is an IO1 or IO2 retail and how much is a rebuild? Asking for a ‘friend’. :slight_smile:


Tell ‘your friend’ to ask @Ciderpig


Think the Io1 is around £2,800 and rebuild about £800

@Ciderpig will know but I doubt if they are for sale.




Thanks for the info. Not in a rush at the moment (very happy with the AC-5) but looking longer term, they seem to be a good choice.