[FS] iPhones 11 & 13 pro

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Sierra blue 128GB in almost perfect condition - original box and unopened headphones and cable – £550 inc RMSD postage to UK only

Apple iPhone 11 64GB Red edition (strangely it’s red) in excellent condition - no box (phone only) – £175 inc RMSD postage to UK only

The Apple 13 is 4g? And will my present SIM card fit?

The 13 range is 5G as well as 4G and yes it’s unlocked so will work with any SIM. I used it with a Vodafone, smarty (3), SKY (o2) and EE sim or esim

Is the iPhone 11 unlocked Chris?
My brother needs another work phone.

Think so, got it from EE and pretty sure I unlocked it when the contract finished.

I’ve got a Sky (O2) SIM that I can try in it and will let you know later.

sorry, forgot about this. Phone was locked to EE but have just been through their website and got it unlocked. Tried it with my Sky SIM and it works fine.

Sorry, i’d forgotten too.
I’ll check with my brother,