FS:Khozmo Passive Pre, Tron MM phono and Bob Devices SUT

I am collecting a Swiss made Easter egg tomorrow and as I result I will have the following for sale.

Black Khozmo 10k 48step passive pre without any labelling. £180 inc postage in a suitable box. 3 inputs and 2 outputs. Now SOLD STP but as Jerry is buying it might be available soon enough. :slight_smile:

Tron Seven MM Phono stage £1300 inc postage in a suitable box.

Bob Devices Cinemag 1131 Blue 20:1 40:1 Step up transformer. £650 inc postage in a suitable box. The 1131 transformers are much better than the standard Cinemag ones and similar quality to Hashomotto HM3

Might be interested in the pre.

Hi Cosmo?

Excellent, if you drop me a email address I can ping some existing photos I have. Its very good and looks great for the money. Covid safe collection/drop off could be option if your close to London.



What make of Swiss egg please?

It will be revealed tomorrow on the Shiny brand new second hand things thread. :grin: The box will however come well taped up.

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I know already. I’ve just checked the for sale thread :grinning:. I’ve heard it playing music that I don’t like and it sounded sublime. A good buy.

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Now added photos.

Slight price drop.

Tron MM phono stage now £1225 and Bob Devices Cinemag SUT £575.

Further price drop.

Tron MM phono stage now £1175 and Bobs Devices SUT £500. Happy to chat re pricing and provide additional photos to any interested parties.

Tron now sold. SUT still available.