FS. MasterSound PHL5 Preamp

Having really enjoyed the Preamp for 3 1/2 yrs, it is now for sale following my acquisition of an MFA Baby Reference (having had a brainfart and asking The Flash to send me his one for audition).
This really is a superb Pre, as those who’ve heard it at my BOs will attest, neutral and transparent, I would say its easily on par with an ARC LS26.
I’m the 3rd owner (Bourney > Tony Whittle > me) and neither Simon or Tony are known for entertaining shite kit.
It’s in superb condition just a few lite polishing swirls to the piano gloss black and stainless steel top plate. Even the remote (volume only) is piano black gloss wood.

Remote volume
1x MM Phono input
4x Line Level input + Record
2x SE Outputs
Stereo/mono mute switch

Uses 3x ecc82 & 2x ecc83

Comes with original packaging, owners manual, kettle lead, and velvet pouch for remote.

£1575 ono DELIVERED (to UK).

Happy to ship or accommodate collection from Chichester