[FS] Modwright KWI 200

I’m thinking about Jims alephs but a large tax bill means it is one in one out at the moment.

Seeing if there is any interest in this?

Got it from Jack at BD Audio and it was his demo unit.

In silver but doesn’t have the DAC or phono module fitted, is rated at 200W into 8 ohms and 800W into 2 ohms but chatting with Dan Wright he said the true power figure for 2 ohms is around 650W. Have been using it do drive my shahinian obelisks which it does with ease.

£2,500 OVNO.



Interest check



If this forum had an ethos (which thank all that is butchery it does not) that is exactly what it would not be :grinning:

Interest check best check.

It’s at 3% and rising

Of course, I’m not at all biased Chris, but I think you’re doing the right thing :wink:

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ah the joys of tax bills !!! fabulous integrated amp , built like a tank I think that will sell fast

I’m still considering selling it, shame none of you cunts are considering buying it :money_mouth_face:

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reduced to £2,300

I am interested in hearing the Modwright with the Obs, if that is a possibility send me a pm