FS: Mullard ECC83s

Mullard ECC83 x1 - Bought NOS. Never used. £65 plus postage.

Mullard M8137 x1 - Bought NOS. Never used. SOLD

Mullard ECC83 x3 - Bought NOS as matched trio. SOLD

Mullard CV4004 x2 - SOLD

I’ll have the CV4004s, PM me details if not already sold.

CV4004s sold stp

CV4004s arrived safely, many thanks


M8137 sold

Matched trio of used ECC83s now sold stp.

Only the NOS ECC83 at £65 plus postage remains.

Bump for NOS Mullard ECC83. Reduced to £60 delivered by RM 1st class signed for.

Should be really good Dan. I really like them and have few pairs now.

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