I’m not completely sure this is natural slaughterhouse territory but you lot are moderately less hateful to deal with.

I have undertaken some test and consultancy work for Lembrook group and have received by way of remuneration, a NAD C700. I would have preferred money but we can’t always get what we want.

This is completely brand new and still sealed to that effect so I’m loathe to take it out the box but it looks like this;

It’s a streaming amp thing so it can access your network music, pretty much every streaming service under the sun, has HDMI ARC to talk to your telly and some analogue and digital inputs too as well as two way Bluetooth so not only can you stream audio to it, you can use it with wireless headphones. I wrote a review of it HERE if you want to know more. If you have friends or family who are ‘normal adjacent’, this might be ideal for them.

As this is completely untouched, and £1,300 in a shop. I’d like £1,000 for this one and for that I’ll sort delivery to a UK address too.