FS Nagaoka MP30,50,300,500 series stylus retaining screws

About 5 years ago I managed to cross thread the stylus retaining screws on my MP50. They are as rare as rocking horse muck and Nagaoka Europe have been less than helpful in locating replacements.

Anyway I found some in Holland and ordered more than I needed, simply because the p&p was the same for one pair as it was for multiples.
These are ridiculously priced for a pair of screws and come in at £17.84 a set if bought singly. I have 3 x pairs, brand new, unused etc and essential if you have fingers like pigs tits or are careless enough to lose any.
I’m not making anything on these, just thought I’d give slaughtermen first dibs before I eBay them to get some money back.

Price £10.00 including p&p per pair.

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“Fingers like pigs tits” :grinning:

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