FS: Neumann SMB2 valve phono stage with BV33 input transformers


Selling my Neumann SMB2 valve phono stage with BV33 input transformers.

Little brother to the legendary Neumann WV2 phonostage, as used on their lathes, which typically go for 10K+.

In excellent cosmetic condition (see pics).

Been sitting in a box for over 10 years but tested it yesterday on my 301/fr64s/fr7f and worked perfectly with a really lovely beguiling sound.

Not many details available on the specs etc, but I’ve set out what i can find below.

Comes with female Tuchel connector, UK plug, 2 RCA input and and captive 1m with RCAs outputs.

Asking £2500. Cash-on-collection most welcome in Dublin, but can post at buyer’s risk and expense. Payment via bank transfer or paypal gift.



  • Great vintage, German made phono equalizer in stereo valve-technology (2 x 12AX7 valves)
  • It was used with the German made EMT 930st turntable and TSD15 pickup. Probably manufactured in the same period as the EMT, see: /oldriaa.html
  • This is the version with the much sought after BV33 input transformers. Those BV33 transformers cost in Japan over $3500, see: AIRBOW>アクセサリー>トランス>BV33
  • According to this description it was designed to be used with EMT turntables but works as separate unit as well.
  • It has its own power supply with 2 x Siemens Selenium bridge-rectifiers of type B 250C50. Mains transformer can be changed to 110/120/240Volts primary 50/60Hz.
  • Valvo condensers
  • Tuchel 12 pin male connector on backside, female Tuchel connector included.
  • BV33 SUT:
    • Permalloy core with permalloy shielding.
    • More details here: OTOMON Laboratory (音門ラボ) / Neumann BV-33 step up transformer for Ortofon, EMT, Denon cartridge * PERFECT Neumann BV33 stereo moving coil SUT | Reverb
    • The BV33 MC transformer were produced by Haufe manufacture on behalf of Georg Neumann company in Berlin, and were used in the broadcast studio preamp/equalizer Neumann W2a, and as well in the little brother of the Neumann WV2 the SEV 1, an MC phono preamp/equalizer for general purpose application.
    • This is very very rare step up transformer manufactured by Neumann, model BV-33, stepup ratio is 1:50, it can be matched with Ortofon SPU, Koetsu, EMT, Neumann DST-62 vv…
    • Input impedance is 3~100ohm, output is 47K ohm. You can use it with all cartridges in market. Sound is perfect, deep , hot, wide range in middle, low and detail, natural sound in high frequency. Matching with both classical and Jazz.
    • Technical data: - standard ratio 1 : 50 with open output (no loaded)
  • actual ratio 1:40 with load resistor about 100 kOhm - as in the originally circuit of Neumann WV2 pre-amplifier
  • actual ratio 1:30 with load resistor about 50 kOhm as standard in each M- phono equalizer preamplifier
  • actual step-rate is 30 dB in case a operation with MM phono pre-amplifier, with 47-50 kOhm load/input resistance
  • input DC resistance: 8 ohm Suitable for use with all cartridges with output impedance from 3 to 100 ohm - recommended for the low impedance cartridges with an output impedance about 3 to 40 Ohm - output DC resistance: 4,4 kOhm - output load resistance: 50 - 100 kOhm

3FF19AEC-FA2A-413A-9C8E-040D802C7D57.jpeg 9143F5D4-24F5-4169-A270-AF2CB2F679BA.jpeg 316D1E47-C871-4460-A7DE-7371C24C8D6F.jpeg 24FCC178-174B-4A3D-8563-E924932D626E.jpeg 50687FD7-96CE-4A14-98AE-6D45DD4C926F.jpeg CA67DA6F-C964-4359-95F5-12BE18D9CE78.jpeg 24CFACC3-4388-4823-95AE-278FF97E592F.jpeg 3B1CC3FF-DB8D-465F-8F96-B245A8D5A290.jpeg F6366A5B-F2C1-4CB9-B011-6241042BC1C6.jpeg


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