FS: Project Sunrise (V2) Single Ended OTL Headphone Amp

Decent little valve headphone amp.


  • Single ended OTL class-A output stage. - Power consumption: 13W continuous, 19W peak. - Power supply: 24VDC (0.55A cont, 0,8A peak) - Input Resistance: 21k Ω - Input Sensitivity (6N23): 270mV (dependent on tube) - gain: 26dB (dependent on tube) - Max Output voltage 6.3V into 120Ω - Output Resistance: Selectable 5 or 68Ω - Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 150 KHz (-0.5dB) with 32Ω load - Frequency Response: 4 Hz – 350 KHz (-3dB) with 32Ω load - Signal to Noise ratio: 91dBA (dependent on tube) - Crosstalk: -88dB (dependent on tube) - THD: > 0.013% (dependent on tube) - Suitable for: 32 - 300ΩHeadphones.

More info here: http://www.garage1217.com/MANUALS/SUNRISE MANUALS/SUNRISE II MANUAL 11-10-13.pdf

In good condition and working as it should.

Comes with power supply, printed manual and CD (no idea what’s on it).

Yours for £75 including UK delivery.

Edit: Yes, it really is this fugly.

Nobody wants to buy my shit.

Life is so unfair.

I still have this. Please make me an offer.

Still can’t be arsed with ebay.