FS - SJS Model 5 300b Amp & Model 1.7 Preamp

Selling the amps as I need to start the vdub fund - If someone wants to buy both I’ll do a combined price of £5000

Both amps are cash on collection as I’d rather not courier them (the 300b is nearly 50kg)

SJS Model 1.7 Preamp - £1800

Started life as a model 1 preamplifier and was upgraded for the previous owner to a 1.5 and 3 months ago I spent £600 with SJS to upgrade it to the following:

  • Dueland RS £192
  • Cerafine HT caps £200
  • Kozmo attenuator £144
  • revised cathode bias £10

SJS Model 5 300b Amplifier - £3500

Hopefully this won’t need a description but it is a fantastic amp. Comes with the original flight case and the valves Simon chose…

300b = Gold Lions (very little use as I had fitted Western Electric 300b’s)
Rogers JAN 6sn7 x2
Sylvania 5u4


Jeez dude, buy a Mazda Bongo and keep the amps


Are you still shooting for a split screen?


The splitty is off the table now, still want a T2 but the head (and other people) is saying get a T4 California

Yes get a T4 for touring.

Their field artillery solo at Wembley in '74 is the stuff of legend.