Fs: sme m2-12r

Basically as new 12" SME M2-12R arm. It has been gently mounted on an armboard but never set up with weights etc and no cartridge ever fitted. Purchased for a project but I’m going to stick with my Orbe now that I’ve just bought an SME IV for it.

SOLD -> £1100 plus postage.

That’s a lovely arm at a great price.

Thanks Paul. Somebody is going to get a bargain as these are now over £2000 retail.

Would it work well on my Techy 1210? Just tyre kicking like, but interested nonetheless in the answer

Won’t fit. Too long.

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Depends on how much of the original Techy is left :smirk:

All of it, apart from the arm, cart, power supply, feet, mat :grin:

…platter, plinth, bearing…

little steps

Price drop to £1100 plus delivery