FS Soundcare Soundspikes (M8 thread)

Eight Soundcare Superspikes in 2 packs of four spikes. These are the M8 fitting size. I bought them new about 5 years; they were immediately fitted to my speakers (see ad for ProAc Studio 140) and haven’t been moved until taken off a few days ago. In manufacturers packing complete with supplied spanner and set of unused self adhesive pads for the bases.

Selling all together, I will not be splitting into 2 separate packs.

Current retail price is £65.99 per pack of four, asking £60 for all eight incl RM Next Day delivery postage

PS The packaging in the photo is labelled “M6 spikes”; I am actually using the packaging for the replacement spikes I have just purchased for my replacement speakers but the contents are definitely M8 fitting !

SOld stp etc etc