FS: Tannoy Berkeleys and SDS stands

Tannoy Berkeleys for sale together with custom made SDS stands. £995 firm.

The 15" K-series 3828 drivers are in superb condition having been re-coned at Lockwoods by a previous owner.

At the same time he also had the cabinets refinished in a black shellac and lined the upper portion of the cabinets with dynamat so they are pretty inert (and heavy!)

I had a tech bypass the energy and roll off controls at the level position. It’s an easily reversible mod though.

I’m selling them complete with the SDS stands but I do also have the original plinths which are on castors. Apart from placing the speaker at the correct height, the spiked stands are made from constrained layer damped steel and do a great job of preventing the cabinets from transmitting low frequency energy into the floor by converting it to heat.

Cosmetically, the stands are unmarked and the cabinets are very presentable. I’d say 7/10. The grills are unmarked and the hard to find Tannoy badges are present. The drivers themselves look almost mint. 9.5/10

Can be auditioned in Giffnock near Glasgow. Collection only.


I like how the kit has changed in each photo :grin::+1:

It’s nearly all gone and most of what’s left will be listed for sale in the next week or so. I’m culling the herd to the bone.

I must get round to doing the same one day

They look the biz - I haven’t the readies alas - :pensive:

That’s a shame Allan. I think you’d like them. I was very happy with them and would have kept them if I hadn’t been offered the Lockwoods.

Good luck with the sale Paul I’m sure they sound as good as they look :heart_eyes:

Reduced to £1100 ono


Still really collection only but it may be possible to transport them as far south as Carlisle to meet up with a buyer.

Reduced to £995 firm.

sold stp