FS: Technics SP10 Mk2 in Slate Plinth

SP10 Mk2
Has been polished at some point, not perfect but alright.
Missing 2 of 3 platter screws (doesn’t matter functionally)
Includes slate plinth
Should have the SME arm board somewhere
Corian Rega arm board (I can CNC one to suit)

Collection only or meat wagon.



Is the top hat included? :slightly_smiling_face:


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Holy swizzle sticks that’s a good price.

Would you sell the plinth?
I may take first refusal!

Yes it’s £800 the Sp10 is gratis :+1:


Is the “fine adjustment” hammer included?

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Doh, what do I do now ?

Will it takes a 12" arm, pivot to spindle 305mm?

It should depending on the cut out needed.

SME cut out for Groovemaster.

Think the sme board I should have somewhere is for a 12"

Sold STP


Be careful, think most SME 12" arms are a 290mm mounting distance. If the groove master can slide back 15mm you should be fine though.

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Too late and missed it. I have some panzerholz that I could have used for a new arm board if necessary but thanks for the heads up.

Bugger, missed that …

Mine might be available soon :wink:

Probably comes as no surprise I don’t want the plinth :wink:

I could be interested in that @crimsondonkey