FS: Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80

Exactly the same as this-

3 months’ish old with box, all papers etc.

Watch is pretty much mint, strap has a slight, barely noticeable snag.

£ 330 delivered.


Jesus! What a bargain! Well below the going rate - someone needs to snap this up!*

[*who isn’t me, I’m spaffed-out ]

lovely watch …eta movement aswell…….:grinning:

Quite heavily modified ETA movement


I really like that Mike - sadly I don’t have the readies glwts


It aint a boamingo though, i’ll pass

Needs orange.

I’ve got a crayon and a couple of nifty design ideas

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What’s the case size Mike?

43mm + crown, with 21mm lugs Jim.

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This one is definitely one of my genuine ones :smiley:

I can’t actually find the snag :confused:


Stonking bargain for someone :astonished: :heart_eyes:

No interest ?

I would mate, but church mouse reasons prevents etc etc. Lovely watch. I collect a Tissot dealers mail every afternoon, and quite often have a little admire of your watch in their window.