FS: Type 76 Valve Line Level Preamplifier

High quality hand-built 4 input valve line level preamplifier with switchable true balanced and unbalanced outputs. Uses Type 76 triode valves (1930/40s radio valve). The designer/builder brought one along to a preamplifier bakeoff (Coventry May 2016) I held. I preferred it over the others and asked if he would make one for me. I’m only selling because I’m digital only and don’t need a preamp as my DAC has remote volume.

Gain controlled by 50k ohm stereo stepped attenuator with 24 steps. The output impedence is approximately 365 ohms and will drive long cable runs and difficult loads. Input impedence is 50K ohms.

There are 5 valves used: 2 x Type 76 and 2 x Type 7193 for the preamp stage and 1 x 6AX4GT for the soft start on the HT supply. The signal valves are vintage (1930/40s). The builder has a plentiful supply of spare valves should you need them. It has worked flawlessly for the three years that I’ve owned it.

Comes with a comprehensive manual/design guide.

£750 - Payment via Bank Transfer. Collection only from near Coventry or potentially hand delivery depending on location.


Added photos of the internals and listed valve types used.

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I like the look of this pre-amp but have no idea whether it would match my Onkyo M5000R power amp.

It is you, sir, who are incorrect here. There shall be no sitting in the corner for me, as I have science and shit on my side.

I’ve used it with a DIY Aleph 30, DIY Aleph 60 monoblocks and an EWA M-50, all solid state. The output impedance of this pre is designed to work with a wide range of power amps.

Cheers Ian. The output impedance of my solid state preamp is 365 Ohms, so fairly close.