Fundraiser for MacMillan in memory of Lou

I’ve been speaking to Paul about a charity that we can make an AA donation to in memory of Lou. He’s selected MacMillan Cancer Support, a charity that Lou did frequent fundraisers for. If you use the standard AA Paypal option, and just put in the notes that it’s for Lou’s memorial, I’ll make sure it all gets transferred over to MacMillan, and for the amount pre-Paypal fees.


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Lovely idea John.
Donation sent :+1:

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Great idea John. My dear old Mum passed away two weeks ago, another victim of cancer. Although she deteriorated too quickly to ever leave hospital the McMillan nurses were always available to help and advise. Well worth every penny donated.


Me too :disappointed_relieved:

My Mum and wife both died of Cancer. Filthy, vile disease.

Yep it’s a horrible thing. Macmillan nurses helped my stepfather die with dignity at home with his family around him. Wonderful people and a worthy cause to make a forum donation in Lou’s name. :+1:

I would just like to say that the credit for this wonderful idea is totally down to Jon. It came to me out of the blue when he mentioned it and all I did was choose Lou’s preferred charity.

If something good can come out of what has happened, she would have approved wholeheartedly.

Once the funeral arrangements are finalised, I’ll be asking the attendees to do the same in lieu of flowers. She would have loved that, it is a cause that was dear to her.



Shit, sorry to hear that Nick, and apologies if I missed it being mentioned elsewhere.

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So sorry to hear that Nick.

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Sorry for your loss, Nick. My mum passed away from the same horrible disease. Likewise, she did not get to leave hospital as it all happened very quickly.


So sorry for your loss Nick. ATB mate.

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Thanks guys.

Already up to £160 donated, brilliant start guys.


So sorry Nick, my heart felt condolences.

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Now up to £350, fantastic effort.

Let’s see if we can get it up to a grand.


A fantastic charity :+1:

MacMillan nurses looked after my mum when she had ovarian cancer. Thankfully she survived. They are now supporting my MiL who has bladder cancer


Agree, fantastic charity. They made mums last days as comfortable as possible.

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Excellent idea John. Just added my bit.

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