Galaxy s4 mini bobbins

Just a short note to ask if anyone has any ideas to help a fellow feckless slaughterman…

My work phone of choice has been an s4 mini. Bombproof. Until this morning.

Bloody thing will not boot up or even charge. Tried resetting etc all to no avail. All my contacts are on it and don’t think I’ve ever backed it up. :frowning:

Anything else I could try before having to act like a scrote and buy one from Gumtree?

You’re fucked :+1:

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Had a similar issue with the Galaxy S6 when i had one for a short while, there is a button sequence that worked for me, can’t remember what it was though.

Seems to be quite common with the galaxy phones.

This happened to my S3 recently…
I re-seated the battery and SIM card and all was fine!

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Tried all that. Even got my multimeter out checked battery etc. Still dead.

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Can you not get contacts through plugging it into comp?

Unfortunately just won’t do anything. Nowt.

It is a modern day Monty Python parrot.

Thanks for that droid guy link. Will try that noo.

If you’re very lucky, you might have your contacts on the sim card, try it in another phone.

Hopefully that is so. Alas no other phones that uses that size of sim.

Apologies for sounding like The Abbott. :slight_smile:

Refuses to reboot in any of the configurations mentioned in links.

Never bought anything from Gumtree before but there are a couple advertised in Newcastle.

Just need to avoid alleys and being hit with a big stick.

I have an S4 mini going spare.

Try the samsung help forum

I don’t think I need to say anything.

Hopefully they will be on the sim card.

It’s mainly work and existing customer txts that I haven’t transferred to my diary yet.

Oh…and a few pics of my penis. :slight_smile:


That’s why you only had the mini then…


Cheeky twat.

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