Garage Foor Options

I am in the process of refurbishing our garage (build in the early 70s) as a decent home workshop area, with the AIB ceiling boards safely removed, leaking/bowing flat roof now having been replaced with a new soakaway, new uPVC windows and new electrics going installed.

I need to do something with the concrete floor, in the past it has had some leaching so assume if there ever was a DPM it has likely failed?

It has had some damp issues in the past, most likely down to a large planter up against the side wall above ground and no soakaway for the gutter so was just going straight down the side of the wall and into a small area between the wall and a fence. Both these issues have now been rectified.

Does anyone have any experience of liquid DPM products that I can paint over the floor, and then a durable paint (Epoxy or Polyurethane)?

I’ve been looking online but there are a massive array of options its hard to know where to start!


Tremco ES100 is an excellent product (I used to work for them and know the guy that formulated it). It is an epoxy, so any epoxy top coat will work.

You are doing it RONG, everyone knows you must do the flooring with a ride on machine as demonstrated here:


Thanks, I will have a look into that!

Tbh the missus and I just use plastic sheeting with a slight incline to a drain in the centre of the floor, that works fine for us…

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