Garrard 401 bearing gasket and thrust pad

I’ve just moved my 401 and noticed an oil leak under it. Hey, it wouldn’t be a classic Brit if it didn’t leak!

On investigation I’ve found the gasket at the bottom of the bearing assembly has gone so hard it’s almost identical to plastic, it looks for all the world like bakelite, so it must be one of the resin gaskets rather than the paper ones. I’m assuming this is why it’s leaking? I’m going to make a temporary one from some thin card until a replacement arrives.

Also the thrust pad has a slight flat spot, approx 5mm across, is it shot?

I’m going to order a new gasket, but you can get a package deal with a new thrust pad for around 24 quid, was wondering if it’s worthwhile? Matt?

Yes the gaskets fail and a replacement is required. The small flat on the top of your bearing is not unusual - Is the base of the spindle OK? 401 Thrust pads tend to get a flat top, this isn’t really a sonic downer (The first 401’s had a completely flat top as do all 301’s)

Be mindful of any aftermarket thrust pad, I say this as the spindle is the tough thing to replace. what are you thinking of getting?

The base of the spindle has a polished spot corresponding to the flat on the thrust pad, but it’s not something that can be felt, so I’m pretty sure it’s OK.

There are a few of the thrust pads on the bay, but was thinking of this one:

Perfect Sound do one that I think is the same.

If it’s not shot, though, I will leave it alone and just get a new gasket.

I would say this…Garrard were well versed in ball bearings, the cheaper 4HF has one mounted in the base of the spindle. Indeed both the 301 and 401 motors use a ball bearing as the thrust of the motor rotor. Looking at a mass produced product Garrard opted not to use a ball bearing in the spindle housing but rather a Molded sintered bronze piece mounted in a molded Delrin cup - This is a vastly more expensive arrangement in both design and manufacture - it was done for good reasons…

Some of which: Continuous Lubrication, drag (Spin down time is not the last word), damping and protection of the spindle.

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Cheers Matt. The bearing isn’t noisy, the spindle isn’t damaged and there is a relatively small flat on the pad, and this after 40-odd years…

I think I’ll leave it and just change the gasket. Do you supply them? I know they’re only a few quid, but I’d rather give the cash to someone here.

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Sadly we don’t carry spares mate, try to avoid using a sealant though as this can make maintenance a drag down the line

No problem Matt. thanks for the advice.