GEC drive units and HF units

Hi all,today I picked these up from a friendly old gentleman in Chipping Norton .

He originally had them mounted in octagonal cabinets but unfortunately had to scrap them about ten years ago.

Very interesting talking to him, I was wondering if anyone knows much about them and if it might be worthwhile starting a project to restore them and put them in some cabinets? If not I’ll hang on to them anyway, nice vintage items.

They are so well made and in good condition, though the rubber surrounds have discoloration but are intact.



The cabinets were something like these.


The tweeters look similar to the Celestion items used in a few 60s / 70s speakers

And some info here although will need Google translate

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Thanks,yes I found that site yesterday.
So they were originally conceived as a periphonic system or 3D sound if you like.