Gigs I'm going to..........eventually

Wrong because Maynard Ferguson. Who, in fairness, is unlikely to feature in much of the set list for the above.

I rest my case.

Fuck off Cape boy.:grinning:



In January I bought tickets to see Martin Simpson tonight.
Hadn’t considered Lopwell at the time

photo facepalmnh0.png

Next week:

Thursday - Jimmy Cliff at the Roundhouse
Friday - Roger Waters at Hyde Park
Saturday: Don Letts curated festival (Bass Forward) - Wiley, Congo Natty, Jazzie B and Norman Jay

The Heads are also playing :ok_hand:

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Jimmy Cliff last night at the Roundhouse. Excellent, and can still hold a tune at 76 years old


I would love to go, but I’ve the mother up for a birthday weekend,next year maybe

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tonight, it may not be Pink Floyd but Roger Waters was amazing

I almost forgot Roger was supported by Seasick Steve who was very entertaining

followed by Richard Ashcroft of The Verve, who belted out loads of Verve hits but was a bit of an arrogant twat on stage.


T’was ever thus. It’s all part of the image isn’t it?


night 3 of gigs - jazzy b

Nice looking L Acoustics subs in front of you there.

congo Natty and Jazzy B

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Me and Congo Natty


Louise with Jazzy B


Did she forget her clothes?

that’s my Mrs :smile: