Gigs I'm going to..........eventually

Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide, 1995.

Am out of Bristol that weekend. Potential for trouble, methinks.


I just got my refund from Ticketmaster.

3 tickets at £28.50 = £85.50
3 * £1.50 “facility charge” + 3 * £3.75 “service charge” = £15.75
Order processing fee = £2.75

So I paid a grand total of £104.

Just got £101.25 back, so basically they kept the £2.75 but I got all the other egregious fees back. Not whole restitution, but a hell of a lot better than Ticketweb who really stuck their arm in when the On U Sound gig was cancelled, wankers.

Charlatans tonight

I miss the days of queuing at the box office or going to the local record shop to buy tickets


I think it’s tickmaster who are now hiking up prices depending on demand ie same as trains planes etc

I remember going straight from my job in a nightclub at 3am to virgin records to queue for Oasis tickets back in 96. The queue was halfway round the block with a real party atmosphere, everyone drinking beers and guys playing guitar. The feeling of elation when we finally got the tickets was immense.

You still can in Brighton.
Tickets for all local gigs available from Resident

Not going but this is some line up. :rofl:

Paging @Tons_of_fun, a Shamen live gig for you to go to.

Certainly looks better than the real one

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Apart from the Morrissey bloke oc

I think this track might of eliminated him from getting asked

Was planning on going to this tonight but have picked up a stinking cold. Bah.